Why a good bath is important?

Why do we need to take shower?

The answer to this question seems obvious: we have to bath ourselves to stay clean, scented and healthy. But this clarification can be even more profound.

The human being needs to take a bath for a cultural issue, for acceptance in society, for psychological and social reasons. The bath means cleanliness and tidy.

We also need to take a shower every day so we do not get sick. Buying a best shower head can help you in that. The human skin has cells that form the epidermis. On the cells of the epidermis there is a layer of keratin, a type of protein that does not allow water to pass into the body.

In the pores of the skin we have the sweat and the sebaceous glands. Every day, our skin is renewed, and the dead cells accumulate. Therefore, bathing is important to remove impurities and dead skin cells.

With the bath we are able to balance the presence of the commensal bacteria in the skin, type of bacteria that coexists with the human being without causing illnesses. These bacterias needs to be in balance to prevent other harmful microorganisms to our health from getting on the skin and mucous membranes.

We need to bath ourselves to avoid diseases and to remove natural waste from the skin, such as sweat, sebum and dead cells. This is the only way we can maintain a healthy.

Remember that excessive bathing can also be harmful as it can kill the commensal bacteria, which protect the skin against harmful microorganisms. Stay tuned and preserve your health!