6 Tips for a Perfect Bath

Although it may seems strange, bath time is an important time. Well, today I want to give you some tips to make your bath time special, unique and, above all, perfect! The first point to note is that a good bath should not last longer than 15-20 minutes with the water temperature around 82-86 °F.

Bathing can provide various effects, such as relieving pain, improving insomnia and eliminating toxins.

Definitely a good shower can be the beginning or end of a great day. A bath also stimulates and generates the well-being of our body and strengthens our cardiovascular system, but we must always take care of the products we use during the bath, because they can affect and vary the pH of our skin.

6 Tips for a Perfect Bath

1. The natural pH of our skin is about 5.5, so it is important to use soap, gel or neutral shampoo, which will not break the skin’s balance.

2. Make sure the water is not too much hot since it only causes vasodilation and leaves you with a sedative effect (ideal to help you fall asleep). Replacing it with warm or cold water, instead, causes vasoconstriction, generating a stimulating effect that helps eliminate physical and mental fatigue. The perfect combination is to use hot water first, then slowly add the cold water (important to be gradually so as not to cause any other type of problem associated with thermal shock).

× Bath with temperature above 100 °F relieves muscle aches and helps to relax, ideal for cases of insomnia, however the duration should not execute at 10 minutes.

3. Massaging the skin activates the circulation and removes dead body cells during bath and is great for giving more excitement and disposition. You can use natural sponges or dowels making circular and delicate movements, always from the bottom up, being careful to be replaced every month, and after each use they must dried completely, as it can become source of bacteria and fungi.

4. When you dry yourself, do it carefully by preventing the moisture that causes fungi to appear, especially in areas such as fingers and nails.

5. Finish up with a good moisturizer to help nourish and protect the skin. In addition, it leaves a more pleasant feeling.

6. Do not forget to relax in the shower with your favorite music, a good scented candle. These little details makes you enjoy and relax. You can even buy a Bluetooth shower head to help you in that. This way you won`t need to bring your phone to the bathroom.

Any time can turn out to be a special time, and the bath is one of those times that help you relax, and feel energized.

Extra tip: Buying one of the best handheld showerheads available in the market today can make your shower experience better as some of them have massagers on it, which will make you more relaxed after a few minutes of bath.

I hope that with these tips you can have a much more enjoyable and relaxing time.